Basic Arithmetic

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for children from 3 years old
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Basic Arithmetic 3+

We made this course for our smallest children, who are still too young to study Mental Arithmetic.

In the classes, children will learn all the numbers from 0 to 9, definitions such as "one-many", "more-less", counting to 10 and back, learn to solve simple addition and subtraction sums.
What is the content of the lessons?
Your child will learn all the numbers from 0 to 9
Tasks to develop logic and thinking
Learn to count to 10 and back
Tasks to develop memory and attention
Understand what is "more-less", "much-little"
Learn to solve simple addition and subtraction sums
Запишитесь на вводное занятие
Напишите как вас зовут и как с вами связаться, и в ближайшее время менеджер позвонит вам, чтобы записать на занятие.
Bright and interesting tasks
Even adults learn better through play, it's no use to say about children. There will be entertaining tasks and bright pictures in our lessons.
How the process works
Online live classes with tutor
All lessons on Basic Arithmetic are individual and take place on an interactive online platform.
All necessary tasks and exercises are integrated into the platform.
Child's progress
Parents regularly receive a progress report.
25 minutes

The lessons are short, but very intensive and effective!
2-3 lessons

Recommended amount of lessons per week

Classes are suitable for children from 3 years old!
30 lessons

The course includes up to 30 lessons for the youngest kids
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Price for individual lessons on Basic Arithmetic
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We recommend to have lessons 2-3 times a week.
5 lessons
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~ 10,2 $/lesson
10 lessons
~ 9,6 $/lesson
15 lessons
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30 lessons
~ 7,2 $/lesson
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What is the age for practicing?
Rudiments of Arithmetic lessons are suitable for children from 3 years old.
What does the course consist of?
Rudiments of Arithmetic classes include: learning of the numbers from 0 to 9, definitions such as one-many, more-less, counting to 10 and back, simple addition and subtraction sums.
The program also includes tasks for memory development, attention, logic and thinking. In general, the course provides everything that a child needs to understand and learn the basics of arithmetic when preparing for school or preparing for classes in Mental Arithmetic.
How are the lessons going?
Lessons are held via video link on our specialized online platform. A trainer and child communicate, do special tasks and play for 25 minutes.
When will the result be seen?
The effect of the course usually becomes noticeable after 5-10 lessons. At the end of the level children know the numbers and can count..
What' s included in the price?
The price includes individual online lessons with a trainer on the club's interactive platform.
What's the schedule?
You choose the day for the lesson by yourself.
How long does the lesson last?
The duration of 1 lesson is 25 minutes.
Have doubts?
Leave a request and our manager will call you back and tell you more about the club
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