First lesson on Mental arithmetic
For children 4 - 14 years old
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Why clients choose us
Individual lessons
Classes last 1 academic hour. Online on our platform. Think it is not enough? It' s been proven that 1 individual lesson is more effective than 2 group sessions for 1.5 hours.
Сertified teachers
All trainers of our club are certified specialists with higher pedagogical education.
Classes any day and time
We' ll select a trainer at the time when it is convenient for you. If you want to reschedule a lesson - no problem, the lesson won' t expire.
The most efficient approach
Our children achieve results 2-3 times faster than in offline centers.
Everything is already included
Abacus and workbook for homework - we' ll send everything for free.
Immediately to the lesson!
On the first lesson your child will begin to count right away!

Why does my child need Mental Arithmetic?

Your child will begin to learn school material faster
When a child goes to school parents are faced with a certain problem: school curriculum is very intensive and difficult, so a child does'nt have enough time to learn all the material. Regular brain training will make it much easier for your child to learn any information quite fast.
It is a good preparation for school
In modern schools it is demanded that a child can read and count in an elementary way.
Studying in our center a first-grade child will be able to calculate sums like 354 + 287!
Your child will become more attentive and assiduous
Is your child too active and unable to stay calm even for 10 minutes? Are you wondering, how your child will be able to have 45 minute lessons in school?
In our classes children begin to perform the tasks carefully in no time, because we provide a playful atmosphere.
Your child will love to study
Usually children do not like to study when they do not have success. Thanks to our approach and the use of the play method, kids perform any tasks with interest and they have a desire to study.
Grades at school will be pulled up
In Mental Arithmetic classes both brain hemispheres work, which develops the child's cognitive abilities such as memory, attention and thinking.
Within a couple of months, you will notice how the grades in all subjects will begin to improve!
Children do homework by themselves
Children spend a lot of time doing their homework.
After practicing Mental Arithmetic a child stops getting distracted and does their homework easily.
Get first lesson for free!
Learn about modern children's activities, test the effectiveness and get new knowledge!
Clients love us
How the process works
Classes with a trainer via a video call
All lessons are individual and take place on an interactive online platform. The necessary tasks and exercises are integrated into the platform. We find an individual approach to every child.
After every lesson a child gets homework to solidify knowledge gained.
Child's progress
Parents regularly get their child's progress report.
Meet our teachers
On the first lesson:
Child will get to know Mental arithmetic, do several tasks, and already at the 1st lesson they' ll begin to develop.
Check out the effectiveness of our approach to classes.
A trainer' ll tell you how our club is organized, how the classes are held and what the secret of their success is.
Save 2 hours compared to going to an offline school.
Guaranteed Results
If a child does' nt make progress in 4 lessons, we'll refund your money!
Don't doubt!
The regularity of classes is important - at least 2 times a week.
Get first lesson for free!
Learn about modern children's activities, test the effectiveness and get new knowledge!
Your child will enjoy the class!
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What' s the age for classes?
Our classes are suitable for children from 3 years old. For the smallest kids we have a course Rudiments of Arithmetic, for older children - Mental Arithmetic.
How are the lessons going?
Lessons are held via video link on our specialized online platform. A trainer and a child communicate, do special tasks and play different useful games for 25 (Rudiments of Arithmetic) or 45 minutes (Mental Arithmetic).
When will the result be seen?
The effect will be noticeable after the first lesson. A measurable result is achieved from 6 to 10 lessons (it depends on the level of the child's capabilities).
What is included in the price?
The price includes individual online lessons with a trainer on the club's interactive platform. In Mental Arithmetic classes we also provide the electronic workbook for free.
What's the schedule?
You choose the day for the lesson by yourself.
How long does the lesson last?
Mental arithmetic class lasts one academic hour- 45 minutes. Rudiments of Arithmetic class lasts 25 minutes.