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1st online club of Mental Arithmetic

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Sirius Future is young and friendly team of like-minded people who are confident that for healthy development of a child in present days it is necessary to choose the best and proven methods.
We offer you different directions for children in the age group from 3 to 14 years old.
New generation Mental Arithmetic in Sirius Future
Our Club was opened in December 2018 and started with Mental Arithmetic. We took the best that was on the market and made it even better. We created new standards for our trainers work, made our own platform, added gamification to our classes, interactive exercises, and focused on developing not only counting, but all children cognitive abilities.

And we have the results - today Sirius Future is one of the leaders at the market of child development activities.
Our programs
Mental Arithmetic and Rudiments of Arithmetic
The Rudiments of Arithmetic for children from 3 years old and full lessons of Mental Arithmetic for older children.
Learn numbers from 0 to 9, learn to add mentally 3, 4-digit numbers quickly and easily? This and much more is explained in an accessible form by our best specialists.
Development Activities in our club are not just a useful pastime,

it is an opportunity to qualitatively improve the life of your child. We develop:
Cognitive functions ( logic, attention, memory and thinking)
Ability to adapt to new conditions, for example, when the child went to kindergarten or school
Improving the learning of new information. It applies not only for the school curriculum
Skill in solving tasks. We help a child not only learn to be fast, but be precise and one step ahead of the others
Striving to achieve the best result
Our goal is to help children anywhere in the world to get useful knowledge, to develop in lack of time conditions with the best trainers.

How we are working

The Process
All classes are held remotely/online.
The trainer communicates online with child via video link on the club's platform.
Each lesson has many different exercises that make it interesting and understandable.
Classes are held in a playful way.
Classes last 25 or 45 minutes

· Don't waste time and money on travel building of your schedule on the regular center's timetable.
· Ideal way for children who are homeschooled, travel a lot with their parents, for those who are short of time.
· Great way to continue your children development when they are sick and stay at home

Personal service
· Each child has his own personal trainer who will become his friend. We stand for an individual approach and close attention to each child, so if trainer for some reasons does not fit for child, we are always ready to match a new one.
· We trains children at the age of 3-14 years.
· In our club classes can always be rescheduled or frozen.
Authors' developments and individual approach provide children with good development, getting valuable knowledge and a lot of positive emotions in the classes.
Olga Titova, chief methodologist of Sirius Future
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We provide everything requires for the convenience of our clients:

Individual schedule of classes (taking into account the wishes of the parents);
The possibility of changing the trainer if for some reasons contact with the child was not found;
Available payment methods and trial lesson;
A flexible program that easily adjusts to the child's developmental level;
Own online platform that does not require using of additional software.
For classes, it is enough to have a microphone, camera, browser and a stable Internet connection, which means that lessons can be carried out not only on a computer, but also on a tablet and other devices.
+7 (499) 283-63-78
+7 (958) 500-90-22 (Whatsapp)
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9:00 - 20:30