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For children 3-14 years old
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Mental Arithmetic

The technique of quick mental counting, thanks to which child learns to perform arithmetic operations mentally:
567 + 1378 - 986 =?
In addition, our classes are aimed at developing cognitive abilities (memory, thinking, logic, attention) and all-round development of children.

Why does my child need Mental Arithmetic?

Child will begin to learn school material faster
When child go to the school parents are faced with a certain problem: that the school curriculum is very intensive and difficult, so child does not have time to learn all the material. Regular brain training will make it easier for your child to learn any information.
Prepare for school
Modern schools demand from parents that the child can read and count in an elementary way.
Studying in our center child in the first class will be able to calculate how much 354 + 287 will be!
Child will become more attentive and assiduous
Is your child very active and unable to sit even for 10 minutes? How to go to school, because there are lessons last for 45 minutes?
In our classes child performs the tasks carefully, because they are in a playful way.
Child will love to study
Usually children do not like to study when they do not have success. Thanks to our approach and the use of the play method, kids perform any tasks with interest and they have a desire to study.
Pull up grades at school
In Mental Arithmetic classes, both hemispheres of the brain work, which helps to the active development of the child's cognitive abilities (memory, attention, thinking).
Within a couple of months, you will notice how the grades in all subjects will begin to improve!
Do homework by himself
Children spend a lot of time doing their homework.
After practicing Mental Arithmetic the child stops to digress and does his homework easily.
We are happy to help every child to improve their grades at school and love studying. In the classes the child will become more attentive and assiduous.
Our trainers know how to motivate, teach and always support.
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How the process works
Classes with trainer via video call

All lessons on the Rudiments of Arithmetic are individual and take place on an interactive online platform.
The necessary tasks and exercises are integrated into the platform.
We find an individual approach to each child.
After every lesson, child receives homework to solidify knowledge gained.
Child's progress
Parents regularly receive a report after class: what their child has studied and at what level he is now.

when did mental arithmetic appear and how it works

This is a unique technique that was created in China over 5 thousand years ago.
In Japan, mental arithmetic is a compulsory subject from which children begin their education in school.
Mental arithmetic is a technique that teaches rapid mental arithmetic. In the course of mental calculations, two hemispheres of our brain begin to work, and children simultaneously develop creative and logical thinking.
Scientifically proven! Relevant studies were made in China in 2002, as also in India and the UK. As a result of systematic studies, children significantly improved their performance not only in mathematics, but also in other disciplines. Also, thanks to the course of mental arithmetic, all children have improved visual, auditory memory, and increased concentration of attention.
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